Erich's company refinished my kitchen, den and entry hardwood floors.  They moved all furniture and appliances from the rooms to be refinished, taped off all the doors and windows, sanded down and applied three coats of sealant to all the floors.  The only reason I am not giving Erich excellent ratings across the board is that the kitchen maple floor finish didn't seal sufficiently and I have experienced some separation in several areas.  Otherwise there work was excellent


Erich was excellent in being on time and in completing his work in the designated time frame.  They were very careful in moving my furniture and appliances, as well as cleaning up after, (sanding floors can create extensive dust!).  As mentioned above my only consideration was I experienced some separation on the seams of the kitchen and dining area maple flooring, which will require refinishing at some point.  They were very competitive in pricing and I received professional quality workmanship as well as professional effort from Erich and his crew.  I would definitely recommend them for someone considering refinishing their hardwood flooring.